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Howlong history

HOWLONG Public School

The HOWLONG PUBLIC SCHOOL was started in 1886 and caters for the education of HOWLONG Primary School children.
It is situated in Hawkins St. Telephone: 6026 5206 Email
The School provides a vibrant and responsive public education system that produces literate, numerate, well-educated citizens with the capability and confidence to make a positive contribution to our society.

Contact: Mr. M. Grierson 6026 5206

The HOWLONG PRE-SCHOOL provides early childhood education for children 3-5 years. For opening hours & schedules:

Contact: 6026 5646

Howlong Pre-School

The HOWLONG Toy Library is open from 8.30am to 10.30am on the first and third Thursday and Saturday of each month. Membership is $25 per family per year. It is held at the Uniting Church grounds in Hammer Street. New quality toys may be tried out before purchasing them.

Contact: Jo Miller 6026 8121

The HOWLONG Play House is at Cnr. Jude Rd & Sturt Street. Please visit the offsite link for more information.

Contact: 6026 5246

play house

children playing
The HOWLONG Play Group

Contact: Lisa Goodall 6026 8682