Information for our HOWLONG SITE.
HOWLONG history

The Mission of visithowlong was to put Our Little River Town, HOWLONG, on the World Map.

visithowlong currently achieves some 100 to 200 hits per month, and is invariably, No. 1 on Google.

visithowlong is now a self-funded Community Venture whose Mission continues to place Our Little River Town of HOWLONG on the World Map.

The images displayed on visithowlong were voluntarily taken, scaled down, and listed with what was thought to be correct data.

Each main page format contains a small image, associated with HOWLONG facilities, that may be clicked-on and this image is linked to one larger page, FREELY given, showing the image in greater detail.

If a Business website link is available, this is also incorporated, either textually-linked, or image-linked, at Our choice, as are; Proprietor Names, Email and telephone / fax numbers, if in the Public Domain and not affecting Privacy.

In this case, visithowlong may provide a textual link to such websites, since it serves no purpose in incorporating small and large images, when the actual Business website contains far more information than visithowlong intended to incorporate.

Should current information be incorrect visithowlong will be pleased to update this information, at no cost, providing this information does not require a format change of Our current website. That is additional images; pages; et-alia.

Please contact admin with your errors / adding your trade or business data / changes required.

However, should anyone require extra information to be included, such as:

  • different logos;
  • more pages;
  • et-alia;

That do not fit in with Our current page Format. visithowlong will be pleased to quote a small charge for such extras, but, it is your responsibility to describe, accurately what you require. We only accept images that you 'Own' and are in the correct image format and not ultra-high resolution.

You may also Register at visithowlong's howlongmarket and generate your OWN information, on your FREE Home Page if so desired.